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I hide easter eggs in my books, all the time. Did you know that a character from each of the four stories in Unconquered is either mentioned or appears in The Far Bank of the Rubicon? These connections can be large or small. I find them enjoyable to write, but I write them for you to enjoy. However, I know that many of my readers have missed them completely. It’s just been too long between each book for readers to catch them, and they’re often quite small, a sentence here or there. To help you find them, I decided to highlight one a month with a Pax Imperium trivia game.

1. One winner will be chosen from the correct answers
2. Contest ends at midnight November 15th, 2017 Pacific (PDST).
3. To enter the contest add your answer in a comment below this post

Question for November 2017:
Calliope is the name of a warship in the Pax Imperium universe. An event involving that ship has a significant impact on two major characters in the Pax Imperium. I want to know which two Pax Imperium stories mention the Calliope, what happened to the Calliope, the two characters affected by the Calliope, and how the Calliope changed their story.

Post your answer in the comments below for a chance to win. Good luck.

(If it were me I’d totally do a word search on my kindle.)

The Correct Answer:
In The Far Bank of the Rubicon, the Calliope was an Athenian naval troop carrier involved in the battle of Apollos. It was the landing target for Jonas Athena’s troop shuttle after they dropped off their troops during the attack in the Unity Battle Cruiser Indiana. When the ship was destroyed, it forced Jonas to make other plans leading to a pivotal moment in the battle.

Helena Porter mentions the ship earlier in Far Bank when she tells Jack Halloway that her fiancée Roger Gillian served on the Colliape. Roger and Helena become the main characters in Brody: Hope Unconquered, in which you find out that Roger survived the destruction of his ship but was left for dead for over a week before he was rescued.

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On November 3, 2017

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