The Far Bank of the Rubicon is out today! That feels good!

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There is something so satisfying about finally getting a book out in the world which you have spent months creating. For good or for ill, it’s now out of my hands and in yours. I think the book trailer up above captures some of the fun and scope that I wanted to put into the book. I envision the Pax to be a huge sandbox where I and other writers can play for years to come.

This novel has been a long trip, and I am glad to have it off my plate. I started this novel before I wrote Aetna Adrift, and I had progressed a long ways as a writer when I finally got back to finishing it. Sorting out the good from the bad took some doing and slowed me down. But in the end I am happy with the result and think it to be a better book than my first.

Already, I am looking forward to getting started on book two in the series, and I have already started to outline it. However, there are a few things which must come first, such as finishing the superhero origin story I am writing with my daughter, writing a Pax exclusive for my Kickstarter backers (see you should have backed my Kickstarter), and then working on a Pax Imperium serial this fall…. More on that another time.

Today is just sweet relief and sitting back and enjoying the fact that the book is finally done. Today, I plan on kicking back, having an adult beverage, and enjoying the fact that the book is no longer mine.

I hope you find it twice as fun as I did to write.


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On August 10, 2014

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