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I hide easter eggs in my books, all the time. These connections can be large or small. I find them enjoyable to write, but I write them for you to enjoy. However, I know that many of my readers have missed them completely. It’s just been too long between each book for readers to catch them, and they’re often quite small, a sentence here or there. To help you find them, I decided to highlight one a month with a Pax Imperium trivia game.

1. One winner will be chosen from the correct answers
2. Contest ends at midnight December 15th, 2017 Pacific (PDST).
3. To enter the contest add your answer in a comment below this post

Question for December 2017:

During the First Pax Imperium War, Jack Halloway receives a smuggled tape of a Brunswickian special forces captain who single-handedly destroyed the Brunswick gate station, allowing the allies to hold the system for five more days. Showing this interview to Anna allows Jack and Anna to begin to track the movements of Elijah Summers during the war and puts them in a position to try and stop him on Pontus.

What was the name of this special forces captain and what story tells of her mission to destroy the station?

Post your answer in the comments below for a chance to win. Good luck.

ANSWER: Captain Audra Taylor is the subject of the short story Taylor’s Watch.


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