Aetna Adrift Continues to Pile Up the Editorial Reviews!

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I just got an email in my inbox this morning saying that Paul Harrison had decided to review my book for It’s another great reveiw!¬†It got me thinking. I now have a whole list of fantastic editorial reviews. Here they are all in one place.


Erik Wecks¬†provides a satisfying blend of sci-fi action, romance, believable world building, and timely social commentary. –SciFi Guy,

And this world and this universe is colourful and richly illustrated. I love its decadence….You know it will collapse spectacularly in on itself eventually because it is in such a fragile state.–Matt Mason,¬†

Erik’s writing and plotting is right up there with the traditionally published writers, and I suspect that Erik could easily make the jump to a publishing house with the Aetna novel. –James Floyd Kelly,

If this is the type of book you like, I recommend this one. I’m confident that you’ll enjoy it.”–RE Hunter

It’s rich world with believable characters and strong character development.–

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On March 1, 2014

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