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My third Pax Imperium novel is finally here!  Gravlander available today for preorder on Amazon with a lunch date of October 25th.

Over the last month I’ve had the book out for some early reviews by fellow authors and the feedback has been really good. Here is what they have to say.

“Gravlander¬†is a gripping novel that will captivate fans of classic no-holds-barred science fiction, with rollicking space battles, alien races, and exploration of new worlds, as well fans of character-driven studies of the human condition.” –Tammy Salyer, Author of The Spectra Arise Trilogy

“I immensely enjoyed the adventures of this young doctor as she grows and learns to combat the demons of her past. Jo’s story zigs and zags dangerously, ramping up to a gripping climax.” –Jason LaPier, Author of The Dome Trilogy

“Gravlander is an adventurous ride of medical science, cultural conflict, and good old-fashioned space battles… Wecks’ world-building is a thing of beauty.”–Jennifer Willis, Author of the Vahalla Series

“Gravlander is relevant and engaging. I loved the personal story of an imperfect protagonist who was simply trying to find her place in the universe…” –Will Swardstrom, Author of Dead Sleep

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On October 10, 2017

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