Meteor Shower, Storm, or Dud?

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Meteor showers are such a gamble. Often it seems when the media talks about them they don’t live up to predictions. Like many natural phenomena they’re amenable to math but unpredictable in specific. So you might stay up all night to see nothing or you might witness something spectacular. It’s a crapshoot.

NASA put out the short video above because quite soon it looks like Earth is due to cross the path of some material laid down in the nineteenth century by comet 209p/linear, a rather dim comet that crosses Earth’s orbit every five years.

On May 24 North America could get a good show with 200 meteors per hour…or not. No one knows. Things are predicted to peak between midnight and 2AM Pacific time, but keep your eyes open because it might come early or it might arrive late.

Featured image photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via photopin cc

» Science » Meteor Shower, Storm, or Dud?
On May 12, 2014
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