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October 18th - October 31st: Get Stories by Codex Authors for Free

Codex Story Giveaway

Codex is an online community for Science Fiction and Fantasy authors. Over the years it’s launched a lot of careers, including Cat Rambo and Mary Robinette Kowal. A group of codex authors has banded together to give away a twenty two different stories, story collections and novels. You can get a copy of my book Unconquered in the giveaway. Just click the link below.

Get Unconquered for Free


Four stories of ordinary survival in extraordinary circumstances. Two meditations on a good life and two rocking scifi adventures.

He Dug the Grave Himself
Ephraim didn’t find out his dearly loved wife, Lola, had been hiding something from him until she was cold and dead. What he found out nearly undid him.

Taylor’s Watch
Best described as “Die Hard” on a space station.

Rena’s Song
Ending Well.

Brody: Hope Unconquered
A survival adventure with unexpected hope when all seems lost.

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On October 18, 2017

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