Surprise! ISON is now Visible to the Naked Eye

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A couple of weeks ago, I commented on how comet ISON hadn’t been behaving as expected. Well its brightened considerably over the last few days and is now visible to the naked eye just before dawn. There is no telling how bright it will get. If the trend continues it will soon be a very obvious object in the sky. However, time is of the essence as ISON will pass through the outer edge of the sun in only two weeks time and it’s anybody’s guess if it will hold together, so now’s the time.

Here’s a guide to finding ISON in the sky this week.

(Unfortunately, I won’t have any clear skies here west of the Cascades, so I may have to drive east-side to get a look. Sunday night anyone?)

» Science » Surprise! ISON is now Visible...
On November 14, 2013

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