I’m Calling it Now: HoloLens is the Next iPhone

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If you’ve read any of my fiction then you know that I believe that the internet will eventually evolve into a fully immersive alternate reality. (I’m certainly not the only one who thinks so.) Well, Microsoft just released a video of a new product that takes huge steps in that direction. I could gush on and on but I won’t. Just watch and prepare to be amazed!

It’s the practical implications and interactivity with the real world that will make this fly. Over on Wired there’s a picture of a father helping a young adult install a sink drain. The child is wearing the HoloLens and the father has drawn which end of the trap attaches to which end of the pipe. If I can be at home and help my kid do repairs in their own home. Yeah that makes the tech practical and applicable to my life. If I can at all afford it, I will be an early adopter.

I believe it. HoloLens is the next PC!

Update: So this video is way better at showing the possibilities than the one I showed above.

Hat tip to Matt Blum at GeekDad for pointing me to the original article on wired.com

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On January 21, 2015
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