Gravlander: A Good Place to Start

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For those of you who haven’t read any of my novels, Gravlander is a complete story arc and a great place to start. You don’t need to have read either Aetna Adrift, or The Far Bank of the Rubicon for it to make sense. I did that on purpose for a couple of reasons.

First, this story wasn’t in the original concept for the universe which was a much more standard trilogy that revolved around Jonas Athena’s story. The universe as it exists today encompasses far more than just that story. Although the wars of the Pax Imperium are still the spine on which the universe hangs at this point, I could imagine a whole raft of stories that take place in either the past or the future that aren’t related to the wars.

Next, Gravlander revolves around a young woman and growing up, and as such, I think it will appeal to an audience that might not have been attracted to the Pax universe by the first two stories. I didn’t want them to be put off by having the book be inaccessible without reading the other two novels first, so I made sure that the book was self-contained with enough information to get you into the story but also not so much as to bore my other readers. (You know what I’m tired of explaining every novel—HeFAR.) It took a little bit of balancing to get that to work. Anyway, thanks again to my beta readers who made that happen.

The results have turned out pretty good. I’m really pleased with the early reviews from fellow writers. Jennifer Willis had this to say:

“Gravlander is an adventurous ride of medical science, cultural conflict, and good old-fashioned space battles, but at its heart it’s all about family. Jo’s journey from justified and misplaced rage to acceptance, forgiveness and even love is both gripping and refreshing. Wecks’ world-building is a thing of beauty.”

If you want to read the description and sample from Gravlander, you can go here. If you want to order a paperback or kindle copy, click the link below. And if you want to try out something of mine smaller than a novel, you can click the following link to get a kindle, ePub, or .pdf copy of my Pax short story collection Unconquered.


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On October 16, 2017

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