This Dinosaur Earns its Name: Dreadnaughtus

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I love thinking about new biology when I create science fiction worlds, and I am in awe of the giant animals which once roamed our planet. I only worry that Michael Chriton and Steven Spielberg have done too much damage to let us try and bring them back. If we can, I think we ought to try. Anyway, WAPO pointed to a great video today about a new dino found down in Patagonia. It’s impressive. Wait until you hear how long the tail is and then think about the width of your house… It’s an eye opener, and to think the tail was a weapon. Whoa!

Photo Credit: Drexel University:

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On September 4, 2014

2 Responses to This Dinosaur Earns its Name: Dreadnaughtus

  1. Danny Taylor says:

    I’d hate to know I had to feed this baby…..interesting and amazing!!

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