Cover Art Revealed! The Far Bank of the Rubicon

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First the bad news—Jason Gurley is phasing out of doing cover art. He is only keeping the door open for Amazon…. sigh. So I had to find a new way to get a cover for my forthcoming book The Far Bank of the Rubicon. Truly I panicked when I found out.

However, I am more than excited to say that I have now purchased the rights to use a painting by science fiction conceptual artist Andre Wallin as the cover for The Far Bank of the Rubicon.

Wallin did the conceptual art for the film Oblivion which was gorgeous! If you haven’t seen it watch it just for the look. It’s truly a delight for the eyes.

Wallin’s also done work for the video games Elder Scrolls Online, Last Man Standing, and Wasteland Two among others. You can take a look at his whole portfolio on his website.

If you can’t see it already, click the more tab to see the amazing piece of art which will be used on the cover of my forthcoming book.

It’s truly a better outcome than I thought possible when I heard that Jason wasn’t going to be doing covers any longer.


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On May 19, 2014
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