Erik Wecks

I am a proud husband, father, and writer who lives in Vancouver, Washington. After various and sundry means of employ, my wife and I have recently transitioned. I am now the stay-at-home parent, and my wife works outside the home. By day, I spend my time running kids, doing laundry, and making dinner. By night, you can often find me writing in a coffee shop while my kids are at piano, youth group, or even drivers ed. (Yikes!)

In the fall of 2011, I wrote the number one non-fiction Amazon bestseller How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any. This book of basic financial advice has served over 80,000 families. In 2015, it got a thorough edit, and I released a workbook to compliment the book.

However, most of my efforts now go into creating fiction. I love space science and believe in a future in which humanity greens up the galaxy. So, much of my work is science fiction.

Most recently, my daughter and I have been working on a book about a fourteen-year-old freshman at Lincoln high school in Portland.

Erik Wecks
October 2015

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