A Pax Imperium Timeline (Spoilers–duh)

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So the world of the Pax is getting a little complicated. There are now two novels and four short stories all of which are woven together. It’s getting a little complicated to keep things straight. To keep a semblance of continuity, I created a timeline. So if you’re my editor or one of my beta readers, or if you don’t mind spoilers its a great way to explore the Pax and see its complexity.

I can also render it as a 3D movie as well. It looks abso-freaking-lutely fantastic but it’s a bit long. I need to get some music behind it. Hmmm… maybe I can get one of my daughters to mess around with Garage Band for me.

» Fiction, Pax Imperium » A Pax Imperium Timeline (Spoilers–duh)
On August 8, 2014
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