Star Wars Teaser Trailer: Let the waiting begin…

It's here!!! Continue reading

Ursula Le Guin Never Minces Words

Usurla Le Guin has never been known to mince words… not even when she accepts a National Book Foundation Medal for American Letters. There’s not much else to say. Listen and be challenged.  

Now on Audible! The Far Bank of the Rubicon

The Far Bank of the Rubicon is now available on Continue reading

The Far Bank of the Rubicon Review Contest

There's a contest for those of you who've read The Far Bank of the Rubicon. Write me a review on Amazon in the next three days and you can win. Continue reading

Bullying in the Age of Intraspace…

I'm thinking about bullies, Grammar Girl, and Little Jo this morning. It's all prep for my next Pax Imperium story coming in October. Continue reading

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